Our Early Learning environments

Early Learning Centre

The environment is a highly regarded part of the Platypus Junction philosophy. Spaces are created with the children to maximise learning potential for young curious minds. To ensure children have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of tools and materials suitable to their personal development each of our room communities are grouped by age as follows:

Nursery Care (up to 12 months)

At each of our Platypus Junction centres we have our own very special nursery, a safe place for your precious baby to rest, play and grow surrounded by nurturing environments with a separate protected outdoor area. We welcome you to bring in any comforters and share your child’s young personality with the team; we value the culture and needs of each individual. To ensure that the transition to our community is an easy and comfortable one we follow family routines, including providing nutritional and delicious fresh meals suitable to the age and stage of your little one as they grow and develop. Our focus with our youngest learners and their families is building trusting and nurturing relationships that mark the beginning of the educational journey as your child develops into a young confident learner. Our programs focus on sensory development and discovery as our youngest of learners explore the environment and connect to the world.

Educators in the infant rooms remain up-to-date with current recommendations from government initiatives through our community linkages and professional development programs. Days are spent with lots of play, cuddles, smiles, tickles and laughs with our friendly team of experienced and qualified passionate educators, which are shared with you through our various communication tools including your own personal nursery book and portfolio.

Toddlers Care (12 months to 3 years)

The first three years of life lay the foundations for lifelong learning; our toddler rooms are equipped for the most curious little minds. The curriculums are created to encourage discovery, learning and investigation through play; the children watch, listen, explore and experiment with the support and guidance of our professional educators. Young children are very autonomous; throughout the indoor and outdoor environments you will find opportunities and support for your young learner to participate in routines as they become increasingly independent and establish their own identities. Singing, dancing, painting, running, jumping, building and playing games are some of the favourite activities of the toddler curriculum. The curriculum is guided by the children’s interest and provides opportunity for the teachers to co-construct children’s knowledge through a challenging but achievable fun environment. In our toddler groups while friendships blossom, young minds are expanding ready for the upcoming Platypus Junction kinder programmes.

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