Purpose-built to create stimulating, fun environments

Childcare Centre Reception Mulgrave

Our purpose-built childcare centres have been designed to trigger imagination and engage curious minds to support the development of babies to 4-year-old kindergarten. Our learning spaces are open, airy, bright and clean, they’re full of life and designed around children’s development to enable the perfect preparation for school.

Each centre has a welcome area, kitchen and five separate age grouped rooms. Rooms include the calm and colourful babies’ nursery, toddlers’ rooms with plenty of spaces to explore and have fun, and three and four year old Kindergartens complete with art spaces, music areas, active learning spaces and quiet zones for exploring their language and quiet play. Rooms are linked to outdoor learning areas for outdoor sensory experiences and exploration. Our magical playgrounds and gardens are certain to inspire young minds.

Being family owned and operated, we think about the things that others don’t. We are incredibly proud of our new centres and look forward to welcoming all new families.

Babies' Nursery Toddlers' Rooms Kindergarten