Working with parents for the best outcomes for children

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At Platypus Junction we provide families with as much support and flexibility as possible. Here are just a few of the things we do to help:

  • We are available to talk and we listen to what you have to say.
  • We cook balanced, healthy, nutritious meals daily for children from breakfast through to a late supper in our own kitchen. And they are delicious!
  • We provide good quality, disposable nappies – one less thing for you to worry about.
  • We invite experts to talk on a variety of topics that help you navigate your way through parenting issues – behaviour, nutrition, speech development, health, resilience, positive parenting.
  • We host parent nights to meet the team, experience what we do, discuss and share experiences. They’re fun and very helpful and we invite all families to attend.
  • We provide the Platypus Junction Resource Library. This very useful family resource includes a range of parenting and childhood development books, the whole family will find it invaluable for advice on everything from toilet training to sleep patterns and tricky questions from toddlers.
  • We welcome family and community involvement to share the diversity in our centre and community with all the children. We have welcomed Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Police educators, local library story time, African Drumming Singing and Dancing, Guide Dogs Australia, themed cooking classes, children’s yoga, the Postman and many more!

School Readiness Assessment at Growing Together
Some families struggle with knowing whether their child is ready to start school. Our expert educators are available to assist and will discuss any concerns they have throughout your child’s time at Platypus Junction. Not only do children need to be academically ready for the transition, they must also possess adequate social and emotional skills to support them to successfully develop friendships and be relaxed and ready to learn. Where there are concerns, we work with the trusted team at Growing Together child and family therapy. Growing Together can conduct thorough school readiness assessments so you can make an informed decision.

Please refer to the Growing Together website for more details

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