Our Educator Team

We employ a wonderful team of high quality early learning professionals with happy, relaxed and engaging natures. These vary from bright graduates to experienced educators who have that irreplaceable instinct to collectively deliver the Platypus Junction Curriculum and care. Our curriculum is led by our Education Director, Rebecca Ryan, and is based on the National Quality Framework (NQF) and developed to gain that Platypus Junction edge including elements from leading global early learning approaches.

Our Leadership Team

Felicity Hall, Group Business Director
Felicity has been an integral part of Platypus Junction since its development over 20 years ago, starting as Teddy Bear Manager at 8 years old in 1995. Felicity has a strong understanding of the early childhood sector, working in key management positions throughout her time with Platypus Junction. More recently Felicity has undertaken further training into early childhood education and business management through Australian and international initiatives, including the Reggio Emilia study tour in 2015.

Michelle Jones, Operations Manager
Michelle commenced in the early childhood sector over 17 years ago as a trainee in children’s services. Michelle soon completed her Diploma of Children’s services working with children from birth through to school age. Michelle has worked in a variety of roles and regions throughout Victoria including senior educator, Director and Area Manager. During this time Michelle has undertaken additional studies in Business Management and Human Resources enabling her to further apply her skills and experience across the business.

Rebecca Ryan, Education Director
Bec’s passion for early childhood started many years ago when she completed her Diploma of Early Childhood, from here Bec went on to complete many different roles within the sector. Recently, Bec has undertaken her Bachelor in Early Childhood through Deakin University, finishing this degree in the top 15% of her class. Bec’s passion and commitment into early childhood education provides up to date knowledge and experience, sharing this across the Platypus Junction group.

Libby Clarke, Support and Sales Director
Libby has worked in Early Learning for over 20 years. Beginning her career by studying her Diploma in Early Childhood Services. Libby has been a key part of the Platypus Junction team since 2009, starting as a Room Leader at our Mt Eliza centre, Libby is now in our Management Team as our Support and Sales Director and continues to be a key leader in our Management Group for Platypus Junction.

Charlee Ridgway, Mulgrave Centre Director
Charlee knew from a young age that she held a strong desire to work with children families and communities. Once Charlee had completed her education she set about to further new career by taking her knowledge and applying it to the early childhood secstor. Through out the years Charlee has gone on to complete further studies in the early childhood field and now holds her Diploma of Early Childhood Care and Education. Charlee thoroughly enjoys the Centre Director role as it allows her to use her many skills and abilities in diverse ways.

Deborah Norfolk, Croydon Centre Director
At each of our Platypus Junction centres we have an experienced Team Leader who leads the team and curriculum at the centre. Through out the day they work alongside the educators of the centre to enrich children’s learning by supporting, motivating and mentoring the educational team. Their role is also supportive to the family and community, ensuring that each of our families have a point of contact to discuss their enrolment, bookings, child’s needs or any other questions you my have along the way.