Our Educator Team

We employ a wonderful team of high quality early learning professionals with happy, relaxed and engaging natures. These vary from bright graduates to experienced educators who have that irreplaceable instinct to collectively deliver the Platypus Junction Curriculum and care. Our curriculum is led by our Education Director, Rebecca Ryan, and is based on the National Quality Framework (NQF) and developed to gain that Platypus Junction edge including elements from leading global early learning approaches.

Our Leadership Team

Felicity Hall, Group Business Director
Felicity has been an integral part of Platypus Junction since its development over 20 years ago with her family, Dale and Julie and her brother Nick. Felicity’s Platypus Junction journey began as the Teddy-Bear manager in 1995 at aged 8, through to the Communications Director in 2013 and now Group Business Director. Felicity has a Bachelor in Communication Design, a Diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship and is currently studying her Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Michelle Jones, Operations Manager
As Operations Director, Michelle managed the ongoing operation of our previous four centres with the Centre Directors. Michelle Jones commenced her career with children 14 years ago, beginning as a trainee at a family operated centre to obtain the Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Michelle realised that this was her passion and signed up with One World for Children to gain her Diploma of Children’s Services. Aside from holding her Diploma of Children’s Services, Michelle also holds an Advanced Diploma of Business Management and an Advanced Diploma of Human Recourses. Michelle has said, “I am committed to the team at Platypus Junction as the Operations Director, working alongside the teams to support a quality early learning experience for our children, families and communities”.

Rebecca Ryan, Education Director
Rebecca’s passion for early childhood started many years ago when she completed her Diploma of Early Childhood, from here Rebecca went on to complete many different roles within the sector. Recently, Rebecca has undertaken her Bachelor in Early Childhood through Deakin University, finishing this degree in the top 15% of her class. Rebecca’s passion and commitment to early childhood education provides up to date knowledge and experience, which she shares across the Platypus Junction group.